To be a member of MMIX

  1. Fill and send the form “Member Application Form”.
  2. After approval, you will be “Associate Member”, first.
  3. Then, you will be “Principal Member” or “Institutional Member” after connecting to IXP and peering with at least one member.

To connect IXP, you need to prepare the following:

  1. Fill and send the form "Port Application Form" – signed by Technical Head.
  2. Transmission facility up Demarcation Points.
    1. Cross connect Rack to Rack within TrueIDC.
    2. Fiber Termination at the ODF of Meetme room, Building 17, MICT.
    3. Fiber Termination at the outdoor Cabinet ODF beside MICT Gate3.
  3. Necessary Patch cords up to demarcation points.
  4. Compatible transceiver for the interface of IXP switch.

Networking Requirement Details:

  1. If you will setup direct peering with other members (bilateral), please contact directly and setup yourself.
  2. If you like to accept all member’s prefix (Multilateral), you can setup BGP session with our Route Servers. After you fill and provide Port Application Form, detailed information for BGP session shall be provided.

Technical Recommendation:

  1. BGP router connecting to IXP should be dedicated one. International Gateway routers should not connect to IX.
  2. That router should not have International routes and default gateway.
  3. Your downstream links for IP Transit service should not directly connect to this router.
  4. Your router should have only your local routes and IXP’s routes. Your downstream routes via IP Transit, should not be in this router.