MMIX Route Servers

MMIX maintains route servers at each of the Peering LANS allowing member to establish multilateral peering with other participants Technical Details are as follows: -

AS Number : 9654

Server IPv4 Address

All route servers filter bogon address ranges.

Policy Control

Policy control is done by using of BGP Communities. Members must tag their routes with the following to control policy via the route servers. Besides the standard well-known community attributes like NO_EXPORT and NO_ADVERTISE, the following table shows other supported attributes and the top-down evaluation order.

0:9654 Block Announcement of prefixes to all peers
0:(peer-as) Block Announcement of prefixes to certain peer
9654:(peer-as) Advertise to certain peer
9654:9654 Advertise of prefixes to all peers
0:11344 Do not announce to GGC
1:11344 1 HOP prepend to GGC

Prefixes which are untagged will be advertised to all route server peers. Attributes that do not much MMIX’s attributes will be passed on transparently.
For members having 4-bytes ASN, they will be mapped to private ASNs. Hence, prefixes announcement is still possible to be manipulated using community strings.

Sr. MemberName Account Name 4-bytes ASN 2-Byte ASN
1 AGB Communication Co., Ltd. AGB 134739 65001
2 Akamai AKM 20940
3 Southeastasianet Technologies Myanmar Co., Ltd STM 132344 65002
4 Global Technology Co., Ltd. GTM 133524 65003
5 Kinetic Myanmar Technology Co., Ltd. KMT 63998
6 Yatanarpon Teleport Public Co., Ltd YTP 131322 65005
7 Fortune Telecom Co., Ltd. FTC 135371 65006
8 NTT Communications (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Yangon Branch) NTT 134736 65007
10 Myanmar Unilink Communication Co., Ltd. MUL 136480 65009
11 Amara Communication Co., Ltd.(Ananda) ACS 132686 65010
12 Telecom International Myanmar Co., Ltd.(Mytel) TIM 136255 65011
13 Myanmar Information Highway Limited MIH 136780 65012