Anti-DDoS Support on MMIX Route Servers

Remote Triggered Black Hole Filtering (RTBH)

MMIX Supports RTBH for announcemnet of black-hole filtering. In order to facilitate better routing management for routes being advertised via MMIX Route Servers, we highly recommend all members to make use of BGP community tagging when they annoouncement/received BGP routes to/from the MMIX route servers.

The BGP community supported for RTBH filtering.

BGP community Next Hop Address
Mandalay IXP 9333:66
  • Trigger member routers to discard (null) route for a specific address. MMIX route servers will ONLY accept /32s with BGP community tagged for MMIX filtering and forward the network prefixes to member routers.
  • The next-hop address used for destination based RTBH filtering. MMIX members should configure their routers to discard the traffic or point to a "null" interface if they received the route with related RTBH community and next hop address.

RTBH Config Guideline for MMIX members

#Configure to trigger RTBH

ip prefix-list PRF-RTBH permit x.x.x.x/32


!Configure outbound route-map for MMIX RS1 and RS2

route-map RM-MMIX-OUT permit 10

match ip address prefix-list PRF-RTBH

set community 9333:66 additive

route-map RM-MMIX-OUT permit 100


#Activiation RTBH Route

ip prefix-list PRF-HOST permit ge 32


!Community list for MMIX RTBH

ip community-list standard CM-MMIX-RTBH seq 5 permit 9333:66

!Inbound route-map for MMIX route servers

route-map RM-MMIX-IN permit 10

match ip address prefix-list PRF-MMIX-HOST

match community CM-MMIX-RTBH

route-map RM-MMIX-IN permit 10000


!Configure a static null route for reserved

ip route null 0

!Stop retransmission

interface Null0

no ip unreachables

How to verify the configuration:

  • Select Route Server and Enter your profile by clicking Short Name under "Description" row.
  • If your configuration working well, you can see x.x.x.x/32 prefix in routing table.

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